2014 marked the first edition of the Colours of Korea Festival presented and hostep by MKLCC. Its purpose was to immerse Montrealers in a one of a kind experience: a one day trip to South‑Korea. During the course of one day, visitors could experience a variety of activities: traditional and modern korean music, conferences, art exhibitions, games, delicious korean cuisine, and so much more!

One of the goals of the Colours of Korea Festival was to set the stage for different Korea-oriented artists, creators, and enthusiasts, and to showcase their talents for the people of Montreal. “Colours of Korea” became most and foremost aromas, flavors and colors; a unique atmosphere that journeys through Korean culture. With the amazing success of the first edition, the festival was recreated again in 2017, with even more strenght and passion!



Colours of Korea 2014 offers a language workshop led by our partners, specialized in teaching Hangul in dynamic and fun ways.


This exhibition is a journey of discovery of the artistic wealth of the Land of the Morning Calm. It will provide an opportunity for many modern Korean artists to share their art with the public. Come discover Korean modern and traditional art and admire Korean paintings and the poetic ink of language and nature. In addition, talented Korean photographers will unveil South Korea through their artistic expression of culture, identity, urbanization, and people.



Dance and the joy of movement are the delight of many! At the request of local K-pop fans, participants of this activity will become stars for a few hours, and will have the chance to learn some of K-pop’s trendiest dances!


Between games and workshops, visitors can stroll through “Little Korea Village” and discover typical Korean food and drink. Some of the culinary delights will include ddeokbokki (떡볶이a delicious spicy-sweet snack made from ​​Korean rice cake), japchae (잡채 sweet potato noodles), and other dishes (including vegetarian options). Food will be provided by our culinary partners and will heighten the taste buds and nourish the senses.


Montreal Korean Consul


South Korea has a five thousand year-old history, yet outside of popular culture, its cultural and artistic heritage remains lesser known. Through conferences and workshops on topics carefully selected and developed, Colours of Korea will present various aspects of South Korean culture, including economics, politics and art, ranging from the traditional to the modern.


Through these traditional melodies and rhythms, visitors will also discover taekwondo, the world’s most recognized and iconic martial art. Talented young athletes from local schools will gather to present an energetic taekwondo demonstration providing the public a fun and unforgettable experience!

traditional games


Beyond its role of sharing and discovery, Colours of Korea 2014 is also an opportunity to start the summer with joy and entertainment. In the “Little Korea Village”, an outdoor area for visitors, many traditional Korean games can be played during the day. All generations will find pleasure in these games, and can relax while discovering a little more about South Korea. Hours of fun and laughter guaranteed.


Hyunjou Lee (Peintre/Painter)
Jinyoung Kim (Photograhe/Photographer)
Jinhyun Seo (Céramiste/Ceramist) 
Eunsook Byun (Poète/Poet) 
Youngsoo Noh (Calligraphe/Calligrapher) 
Eric Martin (Pianiste/Pianist) 

Yewon Park (Kayageum Byungchang) 
François Youngjoon Koh (Chef d’orchestre/ Guitariste) 
Eli Weinberger (Violoncelliste/Cellist) 
Kim’s Taewondo Demonstration Team
Montreal~~Soo! (Samulnori Team) 
MKLCC K-Pop Dance Team