Do you wish to gain experience in a cultural event? Would you like to share your competencies and have new experiences?

You are passionate about South Korea culture or maybe you wish to know more about it?

Are you resourceful, devoted, you like people and work doesn’t scare you off? You are all of this at once?
Brilliant! Come and join our volunteer team!


What are the advantages of volunteering?

Volunteering is always a great action and it is very much appreciated wherever you go. Each volunteer helps the workshops and the other events to be more pleasant for all participants.

Amongst the key advantages, you may find that:

It will provide you with practical working experience

You will work in a team

You will meet new people and network

You will contribute to the success of MKLCC

How to become a volunteer?

In order to be part of the volunteer team:

1- You need to complete the volunteer membership formand send it to

2- You need to be at least 15 years old to become a volunteer (sorry no exception).

3- You have to be a member of the MKLCC. It’s simple, sign up

You have questions for us?

Do not hesitate to send us your questions about volunteering at MKLCC, by email on