During the Linguistic Exchange Workshop you’ll practice Korean, French, or English with native speakers and people from all over the world. You’ll make friends and build lasting relationships. Many of our members continue to meet outside the workshop and improve their Korean/English/French even faster!

The exchange is organized to ensure that you can practice at your level:

For practicing Korean or French, there are three different groups: A for Alphabet (first time or almost), B for Beginner (to go further) and C for Conversation (for those who already have a decent level of command). If you want to practice English, you can have a free-style conversation and just enjoy your time with new friends!

The exchange is divided into two parts, so both you and your exchange partner(s) will have the chance to practice:

– First Part: English or French Practice: Anglophone and Francophone members help Koreans with their English or French. Those who are learning French are divided into the three different groups (A, B, or C).

– Break: 15 minutes break for refreshments or snacks.

– Second Part: Korean Practice: Koreans will help the people who want to learn Korean. Groups are divided according to their level (A, B or C)

At our workshop you can have fun time making new friends and practicing language, so come join us!

K-POP DANCE WORKSHOP / K-Pop 댄스 웤샵 첫수업

Wish you could dance like your favorite K-Pop group? Trying to learn K-Pop dance routines by yourself? Come join our K-Pop Dance Workshop and get your groove on!

After this workshop, you’ll be able to dance to K-Pop anywhere by learning an entire K-Pop dance routine from start to finish! You’ll learn to dance like your favourite stars to a K-Pop song chosen as a group from a hit list provided by the instructor. And, in collaboration with the famous 2KSQUAD, we get the best instruction from one of their top dancers!

No experience? No problem! Our instructor makes sure we have a K-Pop dance routine that everyone can learn. At the end of our 10-week, one-hour-per-week session, everyone will be ready to show off in the final performance! You are passionate about Korean culture and K-Pop music. You have a fire in your heart that makes your feet dance all by themselves when you feel the beat. Come join us and feed the fire!


Korean Supper with Friends is a small and more intimate group gathering where we enjoy Korean food on Friday evenings accompanied by good conversation with other MKLCC friends. We keep things interesting by visiting a different Korean restaurant in town each month – both familiar and new.

And you know what? When we bond over good Korean food, we really bond! So we may go for a second round after the supper – for drinks or other entertainment. It’s Friday after all!

Start your weekend on a Korean note!


Korean Culinary Workshop is for people who love to cook, eat and make friends.

During this workshop you’ll sizzle up more than a mouthful of Korean dishes: from street food (tteokbokki) and common meals (bibimbap, bulgogi) to dishes for entertainment (japchae, jeon). All under the guidance of a professional Korean chef, madam Hochul Lee, Mindelae Food Products!

Each member chops, mixes, measures, and fires up their own dish following the demo from the chef. In addition to the main meal you’ve prepared, Mindelae provides a further one or two side dishes for pairing and tasting.

You’ll also pick up Korean food and cooking vocabulary, and learn Korean food customs. This workshop provides a fun cultural experience that satiates your appetite and enthusiasm for Korean cuisine!


Our Samul Nori Workshop lets you explore traditional Korean culture – or your Korean roots – through traditional Korean percussion music. This workshop is for complete Beginners through to Advanced members, and is taught by a qualified Korean instructor, madam Chae Hwa Lee.

Beginners usually start by learning the basic Samul Nori rhythms on the Janggo (hour-glass drum). Next, they learn a specialized instrument for the final performance from among the Janggo, Jing (large gong), Buk (barrel drum), or Kkwaenggwari (small gong).

Advanced members continue developing Janggo technique while gaining exposure to a wider variety of traditional Korean performing arts. In addition to more advanced Janggo rhythms (e.g., Seoljanggo), we have practiced playing while dancing, with the Sogo, and Bukchum (standing drum dance).

Come feel the Korean rhythm! Al~soo (얼쑤)!


The Korean Literature Workshop is for people interested in discovering Korean literature classics and best-sellers. Through our gatherings, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of a particular work related to Korea, a broader knowledge of Korean culture, and some new discussion partners.

Prior to each gathering, we select a book addressing significant themes: Korean culture, Korean immigration, Korean history, and classical literature. You’ll have time to read the book because we announce the title 6 to 8 weeks in advance. Next, the meeting takes place in a relaxing setting – usually a café – where we: discuss the biography of the author, share our impressions of the book, discuss dominant themes, and reflect upon how the book fits within the broader context of Korean literature.

English and French speakers will have no trouble participating, because we choose books that are available in English and French and that can usually be found at your local library. You can participate at your own pace, since we gather 3-4 times annually.


Our Academic Conference provides a one-of-a-kind forum in Quebec for higher, academic-level discourse on Korea.

During our Academic Conference you’ll learn about all aspects of Korea, including political, historical, socioeconomic, cultural, and religious subjects, as well as Far-East geopolitical dynamics around the Korean Peninsula.

You’ll have the chance to meet and ask questions from the experts: presenters are our own Masters, Ph.D., or Post-Doctorate members, professionals in their respective fields, or current University professors. We hold the Conference 2-4 times annually, in collaboration with the East-Asian Studies Department of Université de Montréal.




The Korean Film Outing brings you the classic and the latest films from South Korea in collaboration with Ciné-Asie.

Together with MKLCC members and friends, we view the best Korean movies in the market wherever Korean films are shown: at the Forum, the Fantasia International Film Festival , the Korean Film Festival, or International Film Festival – during summertime- or special screenings hosted by Ciné-Asie.

After the movie, we usually gather at a Korean restaurant to share our thoughts about the movie and enjoy ourselves with tasty Korean food. Through our events we ensure a vibrant Korean film scene here in Montreal!


The Korea Job Fair is for anyone interested in living and working in the Republic of Korea.

This Fair provides a wealth of information about working in Korea, including the types of jobs available to Canadians, requirements for working in Korea, approaches to finding a good job, government supported work placement programs, visas, typical working conditions and pay.

While most Canadians go to Korea to teach English as a second language, we also discuss other types of opportunities for Canadians, including internships, working in Korean or foreign-owned companies, starting your own business and studying.

job fair