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About MKLCC 

The Montreal Korean Language and Culture Centre is a volunteer-based non-profit organization with a mandate to bring people together from different backgrounds in order to promote awareness and interest in the country, culture and language of Korea. 

Founded in Montreal January 2008 as an internet social club, MKLCC became a registered non-profit organization in January 2013. 

We are a local community group in constant growth with about over 2500 active members. MKLCC organizes several successful events and workshops each year, including linguistic and culinary workshops, academic forums, performances of traditional Korean arts, screenings, literature  and larger scale events such as K-Nite and the Colours of Korea Festival.

Our Mission:

To craft enriching intercultural experiences.

To be the reference point for Korean language and culture in Quebec and Canada.

Korean Dynamism

We believe in shining the spotlight on the tremendous dynamism of Korean-Canadian culture.

People in Harmony

We believe in promoting harmony by sharing enriched cultural experiences that bridge barriers.

Power of Leadership

We believe in mobilizing the power of visionary and charismatic leadership to advance society.

Join our team of volunteer-organizers:

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